Spring is coming…

Spring is coming…

And with it come fresher dishes, perhaps with rawer and not so cooked foods. Today we want to talk about the salad with ‘burrata’, olive sauce and pine nuts that we have at L’Atlàntida… a delight to the senses. Burrata is often considered a variant of mozzarella, as mozzarella is one of the main ingredients with which burrata is made, but we can say that this is a cheese in itself and not a by-product of mozzarella; each cheese has a distinct and well-defined personality.

The invention of burrata is the result of the skilful cheese making art of Puglia, and particularly Andria. It is said that in an old farm in the early decades of the 20th century, Lorenzo Bianchino invented Andria’s burrata. Due to a heavy snowfall and unable to take the milk to the city, necessarily having to process it and above all using the cream that arose naturally, following the concept of butter cheese production (wraps of seasoned stretched curd in which the butter is stored), it was attempted to make a fresh product using the same principle. So Bianchino came up with the idea of mixing the waste from stretched curd processing with the cream and wrapping it all in a coating also made of stretched curd. This is how the ‘Burrata d’Andria’ arose, an immediate great success in Italy and all over the world.


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