New spring summer 2022 menus!

New spring summer 2022 menus!

At L’Atlàntida, we now have the new menus ready for the spring-summer 2022 season. Our market cuisine concept basically consists of buying daily produce at the marketplace that will be served on the menus. The main advantage is that you get a fresh and seasonal product. When gastronomy seeks flavours again, this becomes an interesting option. To achieve quality dishes, of course, it is imperative to know the market and the products well and we have been doing this in our establishments since 1975.

This season we want to surprise our customers with new creations: burratina, risotto, vegetarian dishes, the mellow meat of the “Zarpa de Oso”, market fish, etc.

Pasta, rice and traditional pizzas are all part of the L’Atlàntida menu, without forgetting the delicious miniature dishes or tapas, carpaccio with focaccia, scrambled eggs… which have little by little earned themselves a place.

We hope that this season without masks or restrictions will bring us many moments over a fine meal at L’Atlàntida or with a good wine or refreshing cocktail!

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