Pizza, origin and history

Pizza, origin and history

Can a simple dough of flour, wheat, water and salt make millions of people around the world drool? Yes, this dough is the fundamental base of all pizzas, surely the recipe that has the most followers all over the world.

With the introduction of tomato, which arrived from the Americas, and once people lost their fear of this new product, which was considered toxic at first, we can start to talk about pizzas. At this point, we will have to go back to 17th century Naples, where the dough and tomato, which would become the PIZZA, became popular. It was a new product and a new attraction to try for people visiting the city. From the 19th century, this mass would be added cheese and it would begin to be sold on open-air stalls and by street vendors.

Around the time of the First World War, pizza went from being a regional dish from the area around Naples to being one of the Italy’s national dishes.

The migratory movements of thousands of Italians would end up taking pizza around the world.

L’Atlàntida was one of the first restaurants in the Maresme region where pizzas started to be made.

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